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I'm in a rap feud with Macklemore that he doesn't know about.


Y’all act like you never seen a white person before
But of course in the course of your time on this Earth, you’ve seen more
And more white men than you’d care to count,
But they in, then they out, then they’re forgotten about
So what makes you any more special, got your fifteen in the spotlight cuz you’re breakin’ the racial
Expectations and making sensations cross the nation
With a song about outdated 80s fation?
Fashion? Fascist? Whatever’s the word
I’m sure you’ll learn it and use it like some big freaking nerd
But ironic, not on it with intention to learn
Just intention to seem like an earnest man earning
His dollar a day, demands an increase in pay
While you’re making off with moolah from the Heist you just made
You robbed the emerald city, now it’s jaded by your cut
Now did that lesbian songmaker receive the Same Love?
Was it Martha? Or Marcia? Or maybe Maggie Mae?
Like it makes a mote of difference to Mister Macky Mac MacKay
L-E-more of your crap pollutes my radio waves
And I’ll dump my favorite stations and I’ll find some new faves

Do you think that you can make it to the history books
With a wannabe Nate Dogg to sing your hooks?
Why don’t you try something new, be yourself for a change
Not everyone has to sing in the baritone range

Don’t think I’m disrespectin’ to the talent of the two
But to the one whose name is first, don’t think that I am through of you
Got one to a DJ’s job, but great, what do a MC do?
Um, stammer, stammer, nice, high-five, cut, press, we’re through
So Lewis, please, I know you know there’s more fish in the sea
You could do so much better, and I would if it were me
But it isn’t me, it’s you, and there’s nothing I can do
To persuade you to jump ship but do what a MC do
Yeah, I’d do a posse track and maybe give you space
But it’d be one big disgrace to displace someone great so your face
Can be placed on the cover of the case
Yada yada yada yada lotta names I never heard of
Macklemore, I’m sold
Cuz his stuff never gets old,
It’s so cold the way the world is and Ben understands
Me and all his five million other white bread fans
He’s the man when he comes out in a random thrift store suit
With the bowlcut wig, dog?
Yeah, that point is moot
So you’ve got the guts to tackle things you never heard before
Like gay marriage and gay marriage, gay marriage and thrift stores
So why’s a thirty-one-year-old white cat from 206
Got any more credibility than a guy who raps for kicks?

Yo, you hear this beat? I made this
You hear this beat? I made this
You hear this beat? My brother made this
You hear this beat? I made this

Hey, man, that ain’t cool what you’re saying
I think we should just all get along
Wait, that don’t rhyme
Ah, well, I don’t mind
The kids’ll throw their dollar bills before they start to care
Like, right? That’s what the kids want?
Fifteen an hour, then I say, give it to ‘em.
Marijuana? Never killed anyone
Peace out, see you at Coachella

No, see you, glad you could make it down, Mac
Cuz it’s fact that your talent has been blown outta whack
You got a sack full of clothes that my granddad wore
It seems a little bit likely you took ‘em the last time you visited the morgue


released July 14, 2014
me - most things
marck - the beat my brudda made
eminem - the first line in the song
david bowie and queen - inspired part of the bass line cuz i'm not vanilla ice



all rights reserved


Kevin Calaway Seattle, Washington

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